At the POMS 2024 conference held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dr. Fabiola Vasquez (former LIFT Lab visiting scholar) captivated audiences with her groundbreaking research on food waste. Collaborating with Dr. Josué Velázquez Martínez and PhD student Fabio Castro, Dr. Vasquez shed light on the pressing issue of food waste and its implications for CO2 production, particularly in Latin America, with a focus on her home country, Mexico.

Her presentation underscored the alarming statistics surrounding food waste in Mexico, ranking it among the top countries globally. Dr. Vasquez highlighted how this issue contributes significantly to CO2 emissions, emphasizing its relevance and urgency. 

She posed thought-provoking research questions, including: 

What is the optimal inventory policy for highly perishable fruits and vegetables to reduce CO2 emissions at the consumer level?

What is the impact of consumers’ selection of specific retail channels on CO2 emissions?

Central to her research is the concept of scope 3 emissions on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which considers indirect emissions along the entire supply chain. Dr. Vasquez argued that her research seamlessly integrates critical topics of food waste, supply chain management, and green consumer behavior.

Through her innovative approach, Dr. Vasquez aims to not only raise awareness but also propose actionable solutions to mitigate food waste and reduce CO2 emissions. Her work serves as a catalyst for meaningful change, driving discussions and inspiring initiatives aimed at creating a more sustainable future.

The insights shared by Dr. Vasquez at the POMS 2024 conference underscore the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and research-driven solutions in addressing global challenges like food waste and climate change. As we move forward, it is imperative to continue supporting and amplifying efforts like hers to create a more sustainable and resilient world for future generations.