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The Coexistence of Nanostores within the Retail Landscape: A Spatial Statistical Study for Mexico City

The grocery retail landscape in Mexico city has changed over the past decade. This paper investigates the growth of convenience and modern channel stores, their impact on nanostores (mom-and-pop stores), and discusses the logistics and managerial implications for stakeholders.

Adoption of Best Business and Supply Chain Practices and Micro/small Firms' Performance: Evidence from Northern Peru

Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) make up 99% of Peruvian firms, contribute 42% to the GDP, and employ half of the labor force. This study investigates how adopting Business and Supply Chain Management (SCM) practices affects MSEs’ performance.

Supply Chain Management for Micro and Small Firms in Latin America

Supply Chain Management (SCM) primarily concentrates on large firms, neglecting micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Latin America, which make up 99% of businesses. This chapter explores the relationship between MSEs’ productivity and SCM, highlighting research approaches, such as company size, surveys, and field interventions.